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Our clothing is made from Organic cotton, produced in the north of India - where rainwater fills reservoirs that provide almost all of the water required to grow.

  • No harmful pesticides (co-planting, insect traps and cow dung used instead)
  • Rain water provides almost all water required to grow
  • GOTS Certified Organic
  • Plants squeezed to create vegetable oil
  • Waste seeds from plants used to produce organic cow feed



The cotton farmers who provide the product are paid a price which is guaranteed by the local government.

  • Higher quality organic batches get higher earnings for the farmers
  • Supplied via camel back or truck to the ginning plant

Our clothing is produced all under one roof, this leads to cost savings which can be spent on streamlining the entire factory. As a result, the workspace is bright, clean and modern.

  • Spinning, dye, weaving, cut and sew are under one roof
  • Positive environment to work in
  • Cutting edge manufacturing processes
  • Compliance with social and sustainability credentials (SA8000 & GOTS)
  • Powered by renewable energy



The entire process aims to be renewable and 'circular' in the sense that, elements of the chain should feed back into one another. The products, once made are shipped to the UK, where AI is used to make the journey more efficient.

  • The offcuts from clothing production¬†are used to create paper &¬†packaging
  • All clothing produced is designed to be sent back when worn out and reused to create new clothing - creating a 'closed loop'.
  • The UK printing factory is powered entirely by two wind farms and a solar array
  • Inks used can be washed away using orange juice from surfaces, rather than chemical cleaners